Comment from David Vango

We have just arrived on the island and find the cost of return trips to the main land very expensive
Surely the ferry companies could offer Isle of Wight residents cheaper fares
I contacted Red Funnel and was informed that they are doing the very best they can holding prices down
Now I I have seen the latest profit figures this is obviously incorrect

Comment from Jason Myer

Just interested really to find out what is happening with this campaign. I am a member of the No Fixed Link Group of Facebook and it keeps coming back to the cost of the ferries. Has Islanders only subsidy been addressed at all with the island MP through Govt funding and if so, how has this been left. Something needs to be done and done now.

Comment from Esme Johnston

I contacted Wightlink ferry from London on Sunday 20th September and asked if it would be possible to make a reservation on the 21.15 ferry from Lymington to Yarmouth and told them that I had a Multilink ticket. I was told that the ferry was fully booked from 2pm until 5am the next morning. The only booking they could offer me was the 22.00 from Portsmouth, which is a much longer drive for me, I thought I best book it just in case. however I did not believe that the ferry was full, as it has never been full at 21.15 I have been coming to the island for years summer and winter, I use it to commute. On a previous occasion there was only two vehicles on the ferry from Yarmouth to Lymington. I decided to take a risk and go to Lymington early and managed to board the 19.15 ferry, which had at least 15 spaces left. On my journey from the island to the mainland two weeks previously I phoned up to book a place on the 5pm ferry the young man told me that the spaces allocated for Multilink booking had all gone but could get me on the ferry if I paid the price of £80. I asked what allocation is there for bulk ticket buyers, he told me 10 percent! I turned up at the ferry anyway at 5pm but unfortunately I had to wait until 8pm to board the ferry. I find the staff very helpful but the management and booking staff must be on some sort of commission! To make our lives so difficult my husband is 70 and disabled, he really does not need this stress.

Comment from Terence Gell

On the 30th July my wife and I took our small car to the mainland via Redfunnel. We returned at 21-30 on the 1st August, the crossing was booked at least 6 days before. Total price £90, I feel that this is just greed and unfair to us Islanders, who help to keep the ferry’s in work in winter when visitor numbers are down.

Comment from Esme Johnston

Wightlink need to sort out the multi link ticket fiasco by granting booking priority to bulk advance purchases, instead of treating their best customers like steerage!

Comment from Christopher Dodd

I wait for the day when ALL those who know that privately owned ferry companies will never be willing to provide the service needed at prices that truly support the businesses and aspirations of Islanders, their visitor friends and tourists will unite in calling on the UK Government to start the process leading to an extension of the UK road network to the IOW. The ability to travel economically (with controlled small tolls), fast and at any time of our choosing 24/7 can be achieved. But we ALL need to unite into a Fixed Link Campaign (see facebook). I would very much like to talk to the four businessmen behind this campaign to try and form a united FL Campaign. Will you contact me?

Comment from Ian Baterip

Booked to travel back from the festival on Monday (2 cars booked on the 18:30). At the time we booked (Feb) we were not residents and suffered the full extortionate fares charges to exploit festival goers. Having arrived in the times lot to board the 18:30 crossing we were dismayed that we together with several other cars were not able to board because the capacity was apparently over sold. Rip off pricing and poor service – to say there is a long way to go is an understatement…. I have provided red funnel with direct feedback before via FEEFO and found the experience pointless… When you have a monopoly like this what incentive is there for the ferries to improve – and how much damage should they continue to cause to the islands reputation and commerce ?

Comment from Keith Towers

My wife and I have been residents for 37 years and have steadily watched the destruction of this beautiful Island’s tourist industry in part due to the oppressive charges made by the Ferry companies. Wightlink are the worst providers. Why we need almost ocean going luxury style ferries to make a 35 minute crossing is beyond me. We need a much simpler and certainly a much cheaper way of getting to the mainland and back to see relatives and grandchildren. The charges are outrageous and have compromised the movement of Islanders. I can no longer justify taking my car over to the mainland because as a pensioner the fares are beyond what is affordable. Time for a tunnel; time for the Government to step in; time for this Island life-line to be taken out of the private sector. This disgusting practice of making a profit out of this monopoly has to be brought to an end. So come on Mr. Cameron, AND MR. TURNER, move your bloomin’ ar*es and start screaming!

Comment from Dave Pucknel

I had a lovely holiday on the Isle of White years ago but would never go again the ferry price is really a joke.
Dave P

Comment from M Kelly

After spending £51 last Sunday day return, with my wife and I in our small car to visit our grandchildren on the Island, I now travel on the ferry realising that the community must be encouraged now to proceed from words to action. This Monopoly must be put to the test with some form of positive action to bring this situation of the most expensive ferry services to the attention of not just those of us in the South but nationally and encourage those who know injustice to recommend positive action of some sort. Monopoly greed has extended its grip after seeing an official at Yarmouth checking tickets on Sunday measuring the length of vehicles with a wheeled pedometer – I think I have now seen it all!!
Perhaps we must now consider in thought, the mixture of action and the way the Law can be our breastplate and motivate residents. the Travel Industry and Local Government officials and MPs on the mainland and the Island to take that further step we all wish to attain.
Res Ipsa Loquitur!

Comment from Kirsty Housley

We currently live on the island but often have to take the car over to the mainland for work. We’ve lived here five years and this year we are really finding the ferry prices unmanageable. One adult travelling by car this week (spring, but not peak easter break, travelling on a weekday) is costing us £148 return.
Unfortunately we’re now thinking of leaving the island for good because of the inflated cost. When we arrived five years ago this was already the most expensive stretch of water in Europe! Now prices have doubled. We wish the ferries were run as a public service!

Comment from Jackie Seely

I am an Islander and have seen the decline of the Island over the last few years.Less jobs mainly due to less tourists which leads to depressed hotels and tourist attractions. Why did the tourist trade decline so much? I think the cost and inconvenience of the ferries have a lot to answer for.

Comment from Peter Terras

The wightlink service are slowly killing this Island, and it seems the owners could not care a less so long as we keep supporting poor service and paying inflated prices . Our MP has looked into this in the past and found nothing wrong!! I never believed we should a fixed link but now I beginning to think that is the way forward, cannot keep paying through the nose for a terrible service.

Comment from Duncan Rice

My family and I have been coming to the island for over 50 years for holidays, and to visit family that live on the island. Sadly this year will be the last time we will make it a holiday destination due to Wightlinks price increases. I wonder how many more holiday makers will be changing there destination in the future. Just been quoted £188 for a standard vehicle with 4 passenger to travel in August. That’s over £60more than we paid last August. I wonder if now fuel prices have dropped Wightlink might pass on the saving!!!

Comment from Ian Newman

Wightlink say book early for the cheapest deals. Wightlink say prices will increase to up to 2.4% this year. So, with that in mind, in early December 2014 i thought I would try booking a ferry for my annual holiday in June 2015.Same equivalent day, week and time as the holiday in 2014. Best deal I could get on Wightlink was an astonishing 28%, yes 28% more expensive.

As part of our holiday we also need to use a Cal Mac ferry from Oban to Craignure on Mull. Again, same equivalent day, week and time. Their charges have increased by 3.3%, I repeat 3.3%.

What more conclusive proof does one need to see that we are being ripped off here on the Isle of Wight.

Comment from John Vosper

Which has been a successful campaigner for improvement to goods and services. They would be interested in improving ferry services if enough people, say approx 1000, were members to lobby them. They are listened to by Government and consumer groups and have achieved major changes with energy companies etc. I think with sufficient support from people here they could achieve a lot of our aims to improve the service we get from monopolistic companies like Wightlink and Red Funnel

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