Party Candidates thoughts on the Isle of Wight Ferry Services


We asked all of the prospective Isle of Wight parliamentary candidates to provide us with a little information on the ways in which they would like to see the Islands Ferry services progress, and how they go about implementing these changes. We received a response from two candidates, Andrew Turner – Conservative and Vix Lowthion – Green Party. Here is what they had to say:

Andrew Turner – Conservative:

“I have long championed the need for a better deal for the Island to improve ferry services. Now we will have the opportunity for an all party supported transport infrastructure task force to put some significant thought into solving the problems of high fares and poor connectivity.”

Vix Lowthion – Green Party:

“Our Island ferry services are our lifeline – we all rely on them to visit loved ones, for commuting or to ship goods across the Solent. A reliable, frequent and efficient service is an essential for islanders.

The Solent is a very expensive piece of water. We are at the whim of the two car ferry firms, which run their operations for profits for their shareholders. It is this lack of public answerability, when faced with variable, unpredictable and rising ticket costs, which leaves Islanders feeling unsupported and isolated.

It’s great to hear about how much Red Funnel and Wightlink put into growing our economy – all the positive changes and charity work. But the fact remains that those of us who live here need to be able to access the service when we need it – and that means timetables, and that means affordable prices.

As the MP, I would fight hard for more accountability to the public, and work with the Better Ferry Campaign to explore the broadest number of options to achieve this – including subsidies and regulation and nationalisation. I believe that the recent drive towards investigating a fixed link is due to a failure of our ferries to be responsive to all resident needs – families, workers and business owners.
Islanders do not need another talking shop – we need action.”

You can also view a short video clip from Vix Lowthion, on the issue of Isle of Wight Ferries, here.

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