#NeedBetterFerry - A united voice for Island Ferry users


As we know from your feedback, a number of you have been at the ferry terminal of one of the Island’s ferry companies and have been less than pleased with the level of service you have received. We can also evaluate from that feedback that some ferry companies have a worse track record than others!

- Upset at the cost of travel to and from your Island home?
- Left stranded for over an hour because your ferry has developed a fault or is unable to sail due to “Staff sickness”?
- Charged an exorbitant re-booking fee ?
- Denied access to the ferry you were booked on because an earlier ferry didn’t run as scheduled?
- Stuck on the Island because despite having paid for multiple bookings in advance the ferry operator is restricting access to peak time ferries for multiple ticket owners?
- Effected by the reduction in service frequency?

At present what can you do?
You can of course fill out a complaint form while you wait but these can take up many weeks to illicit a response.
Too many times you are left wondering if anyone really cares what you have been put through. Does anyone listen?

We think it is time Islanders had a united voice and a chance to make their dissatisfaction heard loud and clear. It is time you didn’t have to feel quite so alone on these issues, and we think social media platforms offer a great solution to that solitude.

So that is where the new hashtag comes in. We want to encourage its use by anyone who has experienced bad service from an Isle of Wight ferry operator.

Simply post a tweet with brief description of your situation together with the hashtag #NeedBetterFerry

Our hope is that the ferry operators will join in and make use of the hashtag to gather live and continuous feedback from the people who should matter most to any business, “Their customers!”

All we ask, is that you try to keep your feedback as constructive as possible, and encourage any fellow travellers affected by the issues you are raising to get involved and submit their feedback for public scrutiny.

We will be analysing the issues highlighted by the hashtag each month, and making use of them to highlight regular travellers plights to ensure your frustration does not go unheard.

What is a Hashtag
For those of you new to social media, a hashtag is simply a word or phrase preceded by a # symbol (which is called a hash) and used to identify messages relating to a specific topic. They are very popular on Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and enable discussion by unlinked people on a common subject of interest. Our focus on this campaign will be Twitter, but it will be interesting to see how people use the tag to raise awareness of the ongoing issues for Island ferry users.

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