Your chance to feed back on Wightlink Multi Link/Pass tickets

vote on timetable changes

Wightlink are asking for feedback from customers specifically relating to their Multi link and Multi pass tickets. You may have received an email from them. If you have not we thought we should share with you the link so you have the opportunity to give them your feedback.

This is your chance to feedback to Wightlink on what you think about the changes they made to their multi link / pass tickets. The questionnaire takes around 5-10 minutes to fill out. We would urge all our campaign supporters to take the time to make a submission. We have had quite a few supporters who have highlighted some of the shortcomings of the current multi link/pass offering. In particular the fact that only a restricted number of multi pass tickets are available on any one sailing which can leave you having paid for a ticket, but being unable to leave the Island until a much later ferry. Not good news if you have invested hundreds of pounds into the ticket programme.

If enough customers send a clear message to Wightlink about positive changes to improve their current offering, then together we can effect positive change.

Make your opinions matter! Please follow this link to Wightlink’s online questionnaire.

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