Postcard from Wightlink


Wightlink replied to a complaint form that we handed in to them almost 5 weeks before – with a postcard! At first glance we thought their Customer Relations team had gone on holiday! But alas, it was not so. The postcard read:

“Thank you for your recent letter to Wightlink. The views and comments of our customers and associates are extremely important to us and we review each one with interest. As a result, your correspondence has been passed to a member of the Customer Relations team for their personal attention. They will be in touch with you soon, at the very latest, within 21 days.”

We do wonder why Wightlink didn’t send us an email as our complaint form did include an email address on it. It was also handed to a member of staff in the terminal along with around 10 other complaints from the Lymington to Yarmouth route who were all rather put out by the cancellation of an advertised sailing which caused us all an extra hours wait at the end of a long day travelling.

We would also like to remind Wightlink that their complaints procedure promises an acknowledgement within 5 days and a response within 21 days so we were not sure where the five week wait and a postcard comes into things.

We would love to know if any of you have received one of these postcards, and how long yours took to arrive? Ours was sent second-class, which made us feel really special and valued.

Come on Wightlink. We know you can do better. The customers and associates who are, as you say, “Extremely important to you” certainly deserve better. ‪#‎NeedBetterFerries‬

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