Did Wightlink Multi-link leave you stranded?

It is clear from all the comments on our site that many islanders have been used and abused by Wightlink’s shocking restriction for passengers holding Multilink tickets. It appears that, as a matter of policy, Multilink ticket holders are denied the use of ferry services IRRESPECTIVE OF AVAILABILITY once a hidden quota set by Wightlink Management has been used up on each crossing. Many BFC supporters are sickened by what they regard as sharp practice by the ferry company. We can see absolutely no justification for this policy. The Multilink prices are not severely discounted fares, indeed there are cheaper off-peak fares. We will certainly be taking this practice up with the Office of Fair trading now part of the Competition and Markets Agency. And we suggest that Wightlink do not try to escape from their responsibilities to Islanders by hiding a change of policy with a premium Multilink service. It seems that Wightlink never learn that they really do have to change their whole approach to this market if they are to have the respect of their Island Customers. No amount of slick PR can hide what are fundamentally bad business practices.

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