Better Ferry Campaign update


We know some of you have been puzzled that you’ve heard very little from us recently. That’s understandable – but we were engaged in discussions with either the management of the ferry companies, or their owners and we were asked not to carry out negotiations publicly. Hence we went a little quiet. We did have a letter in the County Press explaining our relative silence (see here), but we probably are guilty of not doing enough to let our supporters know what was going on. Sorry!

The good news is that we are back – and we want to become the first place you turn to tell us (and more importantly others) about your experiences with the Island’s ferry services, to post your views, to complain about (or compliment) the ferry services and to find out what is going on in all matters cross-Solent. We’re also happy to give the ferry companies the opportunity to tell you what they are up to.
So – in short a relaunch! Welcome back to the shiny new Better Ferry Campaign.

So what about the discussions? They were useful in that both sides in this debate now know where the other is coming from, but there has been no significant breakthrough. We think it is fair to say that the discussions with Red Funnel and Hovertravel have been rather more productive than those with Wightlink’s owners, but to be fair they are the company with the biggest debt problem and therefore the least room for manoeuvre.

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