The Isle of Wight ferry service needs essential change. That’s why we’re championing a fairer and more flexible ferry service that actually serves the Island community. We’re on a dedicated mission to stop the continuing ferry service cuts and price rises.

We want the Island Community to control to a greater degree the lifeline transport links to and from the mainland and around the Island. Our goal is to keep Island residents up to date on ferry service issues, so that as a community we are better informed on changes that affect us all. Find out more.

Public support is vital to the campaign’s success. You really can help us create change and make a lasting difference for future generations.

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It has been announced this morning that Isle of Wight ferry company, Wightlink, has been sold. According to Wightlink’s latest press release: “Wightlink Ferries has a new owner. Balfour Beatty...

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‘The current agreed vision for the task force is: "A multi modal transport system for the Isle of Wight that is secure, accessible and affordable and which underpins the social,...

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Comment from Dave Dobson

We have a small campervan. We can no longer travel at night both for economy and convenience. The night ferries have been cut and we simply can not afford the day ferry fares (which have doubled) to have short breaks or weekends over in the New Forest. The last boat back from Lymington is 21.05 !! - Also maybe not common knowledge, but cutting night ferries means the island is put at risk as, if required, the Fire and Rescue could not call on Hampshire for backup over night !! The situation is simply ridiculous. We have found that mainlanders in many cases would pay less than islanders on a crossing from the mainland to the island. We are travelling shortly and are having to pay an extortionate price for our return simply because it coincides with Cowes week when we need to return home. This should make no difference for Islanders we live here and are just returning to our home why should we be charged more? I think there should be a flat rate for Island residents. If the fares were a bit cheaper I'm sure Islanders would use the ferries more and in turn this would boost the operators revenue without having to be greedy. Everyone I meet on the Island is disgusted and has a story to tell. I can't tell you how pleased I am that there is a campaign to stop what amounts to a monopoly. The prices are daylight robbery. I made the comment once that the ferry I was travelling on should be renamed 'The Dick Turpin'! I But to be honest this has gone past the laughing stage. I shall spread the word. Anything I can do to help please ley me know. Good luck with the campaign.

Comment from Teresa Jones-Arnold

In total support of this campaign... As an Islander I feel we are lucky to have such a beautiful place to live and do love the seclusion that can bring, however, should we have a more reasonably priced ferry service then there would be less people wanting a bridge linking us to the mainland which in my view would ruin its individuality as an Island, we'd be more an extension at the bottom of England... I also think that there would be many more tourists happy to pop over for regular weekends or longer stay in the summer months. Likewise, us Islanders could have more day trips away without it crippling us financially.